What is ICDN?

ICDN - International Computing Developer Network is a lifelong network of developers who are either former employees of International Computing in good standing or have completed one of our Developer Training courses. Membership in ICDN is free but it is also by invitation only and members must renew their membership each year by updating their skills and experience. ICDN provides an aggregation point for customer projects that are then referred to ICDN members in good standing based on their skill level and IC's assessment of the project complexity, depth of requirements and customer's budget. When a suitable match is found between the customer needs and developer skills, experience and availability, ICDN will provide a referral. The referred developer can then contact the customer and offer the service they require. Our referral will go a long way in you being able to secure the project.

Our mission is to leverage our software development and talent development practices and expertise conceived and fine tuned for over a decade and a half to develop the complete, efficient, versatile web engineer with a bright future. We endeavor to develop web engineers with a broad set of employment prospects and bring them up as part of a community that is designed to foster both continuous training and self employment income potential giving them multiple avenues in their career path.

We aspire to elevate the level and availability of engineering talent in Sri Lanka by melding the power of our internal teaching methods and our commercial software development practices in a holistic framework. In the long term, we hope to scale out across the country and build a local pool of world-class talent and a supportive prosperous engineering community that learns, works and earns in the domestic and international computing industry.

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"Our long standing reputation as a dependable and innovative IT service provider gives us a unique vantage point from which to make accurate assessments of the skill level and experience you need for your project. We will match your project and most importantly your budget with the right resource that can help you succeed in your business endeavor."

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Please use the form below to send us your project details. We will select a developer in good standing with the proper experience and skills and send you his/her contact information.

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ICDN is open to former employees of International Computing in good standing as well as to former IC Academy students who have successfully completed one of our training courses.
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